About the Parish Council

Each year Shevington Parish Council sets a precept, which is collected on its behalf by Wigan Council. 

Together with the Council Tax Support grant from central government, the precept provides the Parish Council with a budget which it uses to: 

  • Ensure that the grounds at Shevington Memorial Park & Garden are maintained, the litter is collected, the children’s playground is cleaned and the equipment is inspected and regularly checked for safety. 
  • Provide and maintain the car park opposite the Plough & Harrow pub in Gathurst Lane for use by both residents and visitors. 
  • Administer and maintain the allotments and Bowling Green in Forest Fold at Whitehall.  It does this with the help of the Forest Fold Tenants Association and Shevington Village Bowling Club. 
  • Help make the streets and open spaces of the parish brighter and safer by filling planters at Crooke Village, Shevington Moor, Shevington Vale, Appley Bridge, Gathurst and in the centre of Shevington with flowering plants and maintaining them throughout the year. 
  • Fund the maintenance of Shevington Recreation Ground. 
  • Make repayments on the loan secured from the Public Works Loans Board to purchase Otters Croft Wood and Vicarage Lane Fields, where Shevington FC and Shevington Sharks ARLFC provide playing fields and a community building, and the Vicarage Lane Allotments Society run allotments. 
  • Support the activities of the ‘in Bloom’ groups by providing them with greenhouse facilities at Forest Fold, where they grow and over-winter  plants. 
  • Provide litter bins in all our public open spaces, some of the public rights of way and along the canal bank. 
  • Provide benches in Memorial Park & Garden and at other locations for people to sit on – we even have one on the border with West Lancashire at the top of Back Lane! 
  • Provide notice boards where we display community notices at six locations in the Parish. 
  • Provide and decorate 4 large display Christmas trees with lights at Shevington, Appley Bridge, Shevington Moor and Crooke Green, decorate lamp posts with garlands of light at Appley Bridge and Shevington Moor and light motifs in the centre of Shevington to brighten up the dark and dismal days of Winter. 
  • Run the Christmas Shop-Front competition to encourage businesses to decorate their windows for the festive season and bring joy to residents’ lives. 
  • Organise the parade and service on Remembrance Sunday. 
  • Present awards to residents for eligible community service. 
  • Award grants to community groups and Charities. 
  • Lead other civic events, such as the Proclamation of the Accession of the King in 2022. 
  • Publish a newsletter six times a year and run two websites.  All of them carry community news. 

Parish Councillors serve on committees such as Shevington Youth Club, Shevington Recreation Ground Trustees and Shevington Fete.  Some regularly attend meetings of community groups such as Shevington & District Community Association, Crooke Village Residents’ Association. 

The Parish Council is committed to the encouragement of a continuous programme of repair and maintenance of the fourteen miles of footpath in the Parish by Wigan Council. 

Parish Council meetings

Full Council meetings take place eleven times a year, usually at the end of the month, with committees meeting at the beginning of the month.  Wigan ward councillors often join the meetings to discuss matters of mutual interest. 

The activities resulting from a meeting include: 

a) Submitting enquiries on behalf of residents to Wigan Council and other agencies and acting as an intermediary; 

b) Lobbying on behalf of the Parish community; 

c) Monitoring the environment and reporting issues to the appropriate agencies with a view to ensuring that they are addressed; 

d) Responding to consultations; 

e) Making representations in relation to planning applications, as necessary; 

g) Supporting conservation activities in relation to local heritage sites; 

h) Supporting the activities of schools in the Parish; 

i) Supporting the activities of community groups. 

The links to Shevington Parish Council websites are: 



On these websites you can find more information and the full membership of the Parish Council. 

The Council is committed to serving its residents and to providing best value at all times.

Wigan MBC councillors

Wigan Borough councillors who represent Shevington at District level are:

Cllr Vicky Galligan
Cllr Paul Collins
Cllr Mike Crosby

Their contact details can be found here.

The councillors meet regularly with the Parish Council to discuss matters of mutual interest.

Looking for documents about Shevington Parish Council?

You can find a recent folder of documents online here.

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