Community Service Awards 2021

The Parish Council decided to change the name of the awards this year to Community Service Awards.

Nominations were put to the Parish Council earlier this year and presented on Wednesday 19th June in Shevington Memorial Park at the Annual Parish meeting.

Gail Charnock “Who works hard for the community with children of all ages and serves the community by getting involved in food distribution and Shevington Community Pantry. She has helped some senior citizens throughout the Covid pandemic by ensuring that they have enough food and other supplies”
Shevington Sharks Coaching & Management Team
“In particular Phil Cheetham, Martin Wilson, Lee Doran, Dave Bamber and Carol Halton, who have gone beyond the call of duty to keep the children who play for Shevington Sharks Reds engaged throughout the lockdowns.”
Patrick (Paddy) Cahir
“For taking over as the new Head Coach of Shevington Sky Under 12s football team when it looked like the team would have to fold and for working SO hard to build a new team spirit and keeping the children motivated.”
Geoff and Diane Swift “For stepping in and helping their neighbours – two key workers and their daughter – when they fell very ill with Covid. They did this while caring for an elderly relative at
the same time.”
Lorna Ellis
“For connecting the Church with Shevington & District Community Association.”
Bill Draper
“For his many years of dedicated involvement with Appley Bridge in Bloom and his hard work in developing and maintaining the group’s projects.”
Shevington Community Pantry Volunteers “For having the vision and energy to set up a group serving the more deprived
members of the community in their hour of need during the Covid pandemic.”
(Gail Charnock accepted the award on behalf of the SCP volunteers.
Cheryl Stanley “For leading the 2nd Shevington Brownies, starting and leading two rainbow groups – all based at St Bernadette’s Primary School – and managing Shevington Sharks U10s
– and for keeping them all engaged via Zoom during the Covid pandemic.”
Tom Ashton “Who, without hesitation, acted as a Good Samaritan and stepped in to save the life of well-known Shevington resident, Andrew Moakes.
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