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Please note: Parish Council meetings are taking place via video link for the foreseeable future.

Shevington Parish Council Meetings – 2021

To view the 2021 schedule of meetings, plus access documents such as agendas and reports, see the Meetings page.

As all meetings are currently taking place on Teams, if you would like to attend a meeting or if you have an item for a future agenda, please contact the parish clerk on or call 01257 473022 or send a message via our contact page or Facebook page.

Shevington Fete 2021

Parish Council Response to Public Comments during the Memorial Park Consultation

Earlier in 2021, the Parish Council asked residents to comment on the recent consultation regarding drainage works to the park. Other comments were invited, and in the document below the Parish Council has responded to those comments: please click on the button below to download and send any further responses to the clerk via our contact page.

Canal towpath improvements

Do you use the canal? Have your say on canal improvements between Appley Bridge to Martland Park or even the other sections on the map below. More information can be found here.

Bowling Green reopens for casual play

Casual plays reopens at Forest Fold, for membership and and other information please contact the clerk.

Community Service Awards

Read more about the awards here

Annual Parish Meeting

Shevington Library Art Display

Park Improvements

As you may have seen, repair works have been taking place in the Memorial Park this spring. The flags have been relaid on part of the path, running past the play area from Church lane alongside Shevington Lane.

The Parish Council has funded these improvements, along with fundraising from the Friends of Shevington Memorial Park who were awarded around £1,500 from Tesco Bags for Life for this work.

Thanks to local company Masterplan builders who have carried out this task efficiently.

Masterplan Stone and Brick Work working on our park paths

Wigan Council jobs

Doorstep Crime – a warning to residents in Shevington parish

Doorstep crime can affect anyone, but often elderly and vulnerable people are targeted. Doorstep criminals may also pose as police officers, a tradesperson, or say they’re looking for a lost child/pet and ask to look in your house. These criminals often appear convincing and plausible.

May you rest in peace Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Elnup Wood volunteer action days

Groundwork CLM are starting volunteer sessions again in Elnup Wood. For more information please message them via Facebook

The Countryside Code

Community recovery Fund- Wigan Council

Has your community group been affected by the pandemic? Wigan Council’s Recovery Fund is now open for applications.
You can apply for up to £500 to help get back up and running!
The Community Recovery Fund will accept applications from voluntary and community organisations in Wigan Borough, who are requiring support due to being affected or disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Groups must be applying for activity which is in line with the organisation’s overall aims and objectives or where there is a need to align/change the current offer due to new community priorities.
The fund will support projects that aims to promote community spirit and bringing communities back together.
If you need help, support or advice, please contact Lucy:

Re-opening of Shevington Surgery

As from Monday 12th April, 2021, our surgery doors will re-open. We will still be following social distancing and hand hygiene guidelines and visitors to the building will be expected to wear facemasks (unless exempt or a child). Only two patients will be allowed to queue inside at our Reception Desk so that we can follow social distancing guidelines. If there are already two people waiting at the reception desk when you enter the building, we would appreciate it if you would step outside to wait until the reception desk is clear. Our staff may ask you to wait outside at busy times so please help us to keep everyone safe by complying with our requests. Patients who have face to face appointments should book in at the reception desk before taking a seat in the waiting room. We will continue to operate the one-way system. We are looking forward to welcoming you back into the surgery but please be patient with our staff as we continue to work in these challenging times. Many thanks

Responsible dog owners

We would like to remind all residents, whether it be on the pavement or in our many green spaces, to please ensure your dog is kept under control at all times and your dog litter is disposed of correctly.
Please be considerate to other people and the environment.

Friends of Gathurst Station

If you are interested in assisting with a bit of weeding/planting/watering at Gathurst Station. Contact Keith Till by e-mail please: PS Not too much watering required at the moment!

Shevington Community Watch

The team behind Shevington Community Watch are seeking residents to deliver neighbourhood watch signs. Hopefully the signs will show a strong community presence and that residents are keeping an eye on each others’ properties. For more information please contact them on:

Shevington Memorial Park trees

We have recently had some trees felled in the Memorial park. Some were chopped as logs and sold to local people for firewood, which raised £200 for the Friends of Shevington Memorial Park. Some have been recycled and now live in a local nursery.

New Bin for Shevington Moor

♻️ A new dual (litter/ recycling) bin has been installed outside Whiteacre Park, Shevington Moor.
The parish council have decided to trial this type of bin to promote recycling.

TechMates Digital Support

Wigan Council have introduced a scheme to help develop digital skills within the borough. With technology developing daily it can be hard to keep up to date. If you feel like you could benefit from this support and for more information please follow the link

Shevington Youth Club- Co-op funding

For every £1 you spend on selected Co-op products and services, 2p goes into your membership account and could help fund equipment for Shevington Youth Club. For more information please follow the link.

Security warning

There have been several burglaries in the Shevington area in January and the Parish Council would like to advise people to be extra vigilant with their home security.

In one case, three bungalows in a row were broken into in the same afternoon in Shevington Central.

Homes in Shevington Moor, Appley Bridge and Shevington North have also seen break-ins — some during the evening while the residents were in.

GMP have stepped up visible patrols (including police horse patrols) and also plain-clothes patrols both during the day and at night.

Please keep all doors and windows locked, put alarms on and install CCTV where you can — inexpensive magnetic alarms on doors can alert you and put off prowlers.

As always, please report all crime and prowlers to the police — 999 in an emergency and 101 if the crime is no longer in progress.

Please follow and email if you would like to be added to your neighbourhood What’s App group.

Please also consider joining your local Neighbourhood Watch group. See

Shevington Memorial Park – Consultation

Shevington Memorial Park – the park in the centre of Shevington – is owned by Shevington Parish Council and is one of the facilities funded through the precept that we all pay to the Parish Council.

If you use the park you will have noticed that it has very poor drainage. Even a small amount of rain makes the ground muddy and impossible to use. The deep clay soil holds water and heavy rains in recent years have caused the ground to become saturated. This has caused major damage to the flagged footpaths and washed away the surface of the gravel footpaths.

A recent survey of the play equipment in the children’s play area, by an Inspector from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, highlighted the fact that much of the equipment is old and worn out and is coming ever closer to its use by date.

For you and your family to be able to enjoy the park and for us to improve the facilities, we need to install new drainage that will stop the waterlogging, restore the footpaths to make them safe and replace the dead and dying trees.

In February 2020 we submitted a bid for funding to the Heritage Lottery Fund.
Our aims were:
• to install new drainage and restore the park to the historic parkland it used to be as part of Shevington New Hall
• to create a new modern play area for our children, complete with a wet pour surface instead of the sand about which we get many complaints
• to create a local heritage Timeline via a digital app.

In March 2020 COVID hit and the Heritage Lottery suspended all existing and new public bids until some ‘unspecified date in the future’. Since then, the ground conditions in the park have noticeably worsened and the footpaths have deteriorated even more.

Approximately TEN mature trees are having to be felled because they have either died or are dying through drowning. Because they are subject to Tree Preservation Orders they will have to be replaced.

The Parish Council have looked at other grant funding sources. However, it is virtually impossible to find any that will award grants for things like drainage and footpath restoration.

The project will be expensive. We have been told that the drainage will cost approximately £87,000, renovating pathways will be approximately £50,000 and the replacement trees and landscaping will come to £10,000. There will also be the play equipment to replace, but that will have to wait until we know that the drainage works, once completed, have been successful in resolving the problems.

As we are not able to obtain grant funding, it means that the Parish Council
has had to consider alternative funding options. The best option is to take out
a loan from the Government, as we did when we purchased land for the
Vicarage Lane Fields sports and allotments projects. The size of the loan we
are looking at is £150,000.

As we would be applying to the Government’s Public Works Loans Board for the loan, the interest rate would be low – about 2% per year. The repayments would be about £8,000 a year and the loan would be repayable over 25 years.

We will not have to start repaying the loan until February or March 2022, so we will not be raising the precept in 2021 in order to make the repayments, but there could be a possibility that this might have to happen in future years.

To cover the cost of the loan, the Parish Council may need to increase the precept by 10% (equivalent to £1.57 a year for a Band A property, and £2.35 a year for a Band D property).

To have your say, please read the leaflet and submit your view on the online form:

There are questions in the leaflet which are . . . here, and . . . here.
You can send your views by clicking on . . . this link.

Only responses from residents of Shevington Parish can be considered. Replies from individual household members aged 18 or over will be counted separately.
The deadline for submission is midnight on 17th February, 2021.

Extraordinary Meeting – Shevington Memorial Park

Shevington Parish Council and Friends of Shevington Memorial Park will be meeting to discuss potential improvements to the park on Weds 18th November via Teams. Please contact us for the link if you would like to attend virtually.

Remembrance Sunday

Paying respects and laying wreaths to commemorate Remembrance Sunday has been a very different occasion this year compared to previous years.

Social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID has resulted in the usual services and wreath laying to be cancelled. This has been the case at all war memorials both locally and across the country. 

Shevington Parish Councillor Mike Grimes in Appley Bridge

This year Councillor Mike Grimes laid a wreath at Appley Bridge war memorial on behalf of the Parish Council without the usual solemn ceremony and service.

Despite this year being different, the need to pay respects to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in previous conflicts has never been more important. 

We shall remember them.

Online Remembrance Service

Tune in after 10.45am on Sunday 8th November to see the service which was pre-recorded by Revs Jenny and Andrew Brown from St Anne’s Church and features many other members of our community.

There will be no organised service in the Memorial Park this morning due to the lockdown. But we can still remember our service men and women at home this year.

Please log onto the Royal British Legion Website to buy a virtual poppy and make a donation if you haven’t already donated this year!

Link to the online service on YouTube:

Bonfire night safety

As organised public firework displays are not going ahead this year, we are aware that many people will let off fireworks at home in the garden.

Please consider neighbours and pets. Please check with your neighbours and let them know what time you will be letting fireworks off so they can keep pets inside and safe.

Late-night fireworks are not going to be appreciated by your neighbours! Especially those with pets or young children.

Advice from the Fire Brigade should also be followed to keep everyone safe. Please read the information on firework safety here:

Vacancy – Volunteer Role

Shevington Recreation Ground Trustee Vacancy

Shevington Recreation Ground is run by a Committee of Trustees and the Parish Council is responsible for appointing several of the Trustees. One of the places filled by people appointed by the Council is vacant at the moment and we are looking for an energetic and enthusiastic person to fill it. The Trustees meet twice a year.

If you would like to make an invaluable contribution to the local community by volunteering for this position, please send a short paragraph about yourself and your reasons for wishing to become a “Rec” Trustee to the Clerk to the Parish Council. Email

Donate to the Friends of Shevington Memorial Park

Friends of Shevington Memorial Park logo

The Friends of Shevington Memorial Park have decided to set up a JustGiving page to help raise funds to make improvements to the park.

We are working alongside the Friends group to ensure improvements are made to the park. There are many complex issues around drainage, fundraising and the use of the park which are being considered. But please donate if you can on the JustGiving link below:

Donate here at JustGiving

Annual Parish Walk

Meeting opposite The Plough

On the morning of Bank Holiday Monday, 17 people took part in the Annual Parish Walk. We took the route from the Methodist Church to Crooke Village, and through Elnup Woods back to the village centre.

The weather was on our side — a very sunny yet breezy day made the walk an enjoyable one.

Part of the reason for taking this particular route was to inspect the quality of the path from Vicarage Lane to Crooke, and to consider how it may be improved in future.

We also collected a donation for Shevington Community Pantry on completion of the walk.

Elnup Woods

VJ Day Remembrance

Cllr Chris Horridge attended Shevington Memorial Garden and spoke a section of the Ode to Remembrance. Then the Last Post was played followed by the lowering of the Union flag with two minutes silence at 11 o’clock, then while reveille/Rouse was played the flag was raised.Social distancing was observed by the three people who attended.

Shevington Community Pantry – new discount food outlet

During the coronavirus lockdown, emergency food parcels were provided to families across the district thanks to Shevington Community Base’s volunteers and support from Wigan Council. As lockdown eases, the emergency parcel service will end. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the food bank in any way – by volunteering, spreading the word and by donating products or funds.

Now volunteers are opening a new food pantry at St Anne’s Parish Centre in Shevington, offering discounted food. The food will come from Fur Clemt, a Real Junkfood Project in Wigan. Much of this stock will be food which is being saved from going to landfill.

We hope all residents can get involved by buying food or volunteering to sustain the future of the pantry. Anyone can join – although current members of Fur Clemt must choose which outlet to use on an ongoing basis. Please speak to volunteers if you want to transfer your Fur Clemt membership for free. To print off a membership form, download the pdf here.

VE Day 75th Anniversary

As plans for a village memorial service had to be scrapped due to the coronavirus restrictions, Shevington residents did not forget the occasion and celebrated with parties at home with their families.

Many neighbours had socially-distant singsongs and raised a glass (or two!) to those who so bravely fought for our country in World War 2, and for those who sacrificed so much while remaining in Great Britain during the conflict.

Councillor Chris Horridge laid a wreath at Shevington Memorial Park on behalf of the Parish Council at 11am on VE Day. While the ‘Ode of Remembrance’ was read and the last post was played, the Union Flag was lowered to half mast, then the two-minutes’ silence was observed. Following this, the ‘Short Reveille’ also known as ‘Rouse’ was played while the flag was raised. Councillor John Whiteley and two members of the public also attended, and social distancing was well observed.

Meanwhile, volunteers from Shevington In Bloom had placed knitted poppies – made by our local Knit and Natter group – in the park, which added to the ambience and really brightened up the area. A huge thank you to our volunteers who are busy keeping our village looking fabulous if they are able to throughout this tough time.

Read more about our local war heroes here.

Parish Council Achievement Awards 2020

At the Annual Parish Meeting on March 11th, 2020, these outstanding local people were presented with Awards to mark their contribution to the life of Shevington. Read more about the winners here. Congratulations everyone! 

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