Shevington History

Here we hope to collate as much historical evidence as possible, to preserve our local heritage. Please send any additions to the clerk at

History of the Parish Council

A History of Shevington Parish Council, by Maurice Allen, was printed and published by Shevington Parish Council to mark the Centenary of the Council: 1894 – 1994. View the document here.

The dedication of Shevington War Memorial in 1952

Shevington War Memorial

Shevington War Memorial is an important part of the village’s cultural heritage and remains to this day a central, visible point where we can remember those who losts their lives fighting for our country.

Read about the dedication of Shevington War Memorial, from the Wigan Observer, November 15th, 1952.

What do we know about the men whose names are recorded on the War Memorial in Shevington?

If you would like to know more about the men whose names are recorded on the War Memorial, you can read about them here. There are individual articles about each of the men remembered from the First World War.

Many of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission records from the First World War were lost during bombing in London in the Second World War. In many cases details are more difficult, or impossible, to obtain. 

The names are:

• Harry Barton

• Robert Bentham

• Herbert Cheshire

• Robert Davies

• Edward Dean

• Edward Forshaw

• Thomas Gaskell

• Thomas Gladman

• James Glover

• John Grundy

• William Halton

• John James Hill

• Frederick Hodge

• William Holland (Gathurst)

• William Holland (Lower Ground)

• Richard Hooton

• Thomas Jackson

• Harry Kitchen

• Frank Smith Marrow

• John Marshall

• William Porter

• John Henry Porter

• Edward Stopforth

• Harry Taylor

• James Tunstall

• Oswald Wilson

Do you have more information?

If you have any further information about any of the men remembered on the War Memorial, or any other information about servicemen from Shevington, please contact the website, or ring 01257 423342.

We would particularly welcome more information about Private H Green of the Gloucester Regiment who died in the Korean War. A cross in remembrance of Harold Green has been left on a couple of occasions.

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